What’s The Deal With CSS ?

Why can’t they make web broswer complient. I wonder why can’t they make web browser compliant to the same rules. Let’s discuss css’s for a moment. I mean, Cascading Style Sheets are great if you ask me. They allow you to re-use code within your html pages, which is a great tool I’ve been waiting for forever. Now the problem is that Internet Explorer or Firefox (Mozilla) web broswers won’t “read” the code the same way. For the programmer in you, it’s like programming java for PC and for Mac at the same time. You have to be careful. Some bugs might pop-up when you don’t want it to be there.

The main problem I have been having with the webpage so far is this two-column business. It looked great in Firefox but IE and Opera didn’t like it. I managed to fix the glitch in Internet Explorer but forget about Opera. I give up. Good thing IE does not understand what a CSS2 selector is. Now, that said, I hope you guys enjoy the hard work I put into this website. And don’t tell me you use Opera!!! Else go get Mozilla’s Firefox!!