Absolute Zero 3 vs. Squids 5

We won!!!!

I’m sooo happy. We won the game 5-3. It was tied all the way ’till 3-3 and then, end of the third period, I scored two quick goals making the game 5-3 for us. These were my only two goals, but what an ending. It was amazing. You can look at the ice hockey statistics of our team in the ice hockey section from mcb webpage. Mathieu, Mike and Rusll scored the first three goals.

It was nice to finally win a game, but I couldn’t help but feel bad for the other team, because they lost their two first game 10-0 and 8-0, and they were also hoping to beat us. Oh well, I guess they were happy ’cause they scored their first goal in this game as well. Regardless, it was super fun and I hope we have as much fun on the next game. Hmm chances are against us for the next one though… They won their game against Black Chucks (who beat us 8-0)… Yeah, they seems to be very good. Makes you wonder why they are in the D group. LOL We’ll see!