McGill’s Night Life

I am scared. Scared for two reasons, the hockey game tonight will be very tough and McGill campus is apparently not so safe these days. Actually right around where I work, four people, I think, were mugged during the past week. Yeah… Right around where I am playing hockey tonight too. Hahaha

I am also going to work on my computer, actually on David’s Huge Mac (Dual 1.8 Ghz with 4 Gigs of Ram) until 3h in the morning tonight to finish my bayesian analysis assignment. It’s due on monday but I have to study for my tuesday midterm over the weekend so I don’t want to worry about it. Should be fun. I can’t help but think how weird it is that as a graduate student you slowly begin to work all the time. I’ll elaborate on it later… Hehehe I’ve got to go to the hockey game.