Squids 0 vs. Rez Dogs 2

Awesome game. We played our best game so far. The defence was getting the puck out of the zone and the offense was making really good plays. We actually got a couple of break aways. It was awesome. Keep in mind that this is one of the best team in the league (if not the best) and we manage to keep the scored to a very low 2 – 0. They played against Team Sucko Farm and beat them 9 – 1 (That team managed to beat us 4 – 0). So it’s a very good improvement.

As for working on the Huge Mac, it was also awesome. I finished my assignment in no time. The computer is so fast. It’s got a 23 inch monitor too so that you can put like three windows right beside each other to see everything that you are doing at the same time. It’s awesome! I need a computer like that at home now. 🙂 Soooo if you run out of ideas for xmas, now you know. Hahahah (Hmmm yeah, the computer is probably worth 5,000$, easy!).

On that note, I have to go study for my Non-parametric Midterm. I am pretty exited about it actually. I really like the material.