Alone in New-Zealand

So I just watch the movie “Lost In Translation” and it just kinda hit me that I will be alone here in new-Zealand for the next 2 and a half month. This movie made me think of how weird it is to be in such a different culture than yours, when you don’t know anybody. Of course, so far it’s been great because I had David and Renée, but tonight was the real first night by myself. It’s fun, but at the same time I miss home.

I don’t miss home to the point where I would want to go back tomorrow though. Just makes you realize how lucky we are at home, with family and friends. It’s amazing. Having said that, I am not complaining at all. Actually, part of this trip was to have this feeling of being far from home, alone. It’s a weird but very nice feeling to finally realize that it’s okay to be by yourself. You just have to find something to do. Talking about something to do, I just posted a couple more pictures in the picture section. They might not be all up for now because I am having problems with my internet connection, but they will shortly. I’ve also reorganized some of the pictures in that section. I am going through some changes on the site, but it should be nice when I am done.

Life is great here at the other side of the world. But I can’t wait to share it with Bonnie. I miss you baby. Have a great day when you do read this — wish you were here. For now, I will keep posting pictures of the place on this website.