Trip up North

So I am going away for the long weekend here. We are going to a beach called Tokerau, yes Bonnie the same beach we went to last trip! Isn’t that amazing ??? So Bonnie and I went to that beach two years ago and had a great / scary time. There was a big storm and had to cook outside with a tarp. It was pretty funny and scary at the same time. I remember it being super dark too and couldn’t see our hands right in front of our faces. This beach WILL bring back soo many memories. Can’t wait to see it.

On another note, I am bringing my computer and will be reorganizing the pictures of my trip so far. So when I come back on monday, sunday for most of you guys, I will update the website. Sorry for the delay, but it should make a lot more sense now. Hmm… hopefully. We’ll see. So anyways, I am on my way to Melt now, they have this amazing cook these days and will have chicken tortellini for dinner. And yes it’s 9h40 but I had a good climbing session and need to eat something.

Hopefully, I will have a lot of picture of Tokerau beach and will post picture of Albert Park (a park near here) that I “visited” not long ago. Bonnie, I am expecting a crazy reaction from this post. 😉 Cheers guys.