Trip to Tokerau Beach

On our way to Tokerau Beach

Trip to Tokerau Beach, North Island For those of you who didn’t know, it was the labour day weekend in New-Zealand last weekend and I went to Tokerau Beach in the Far North District. Tokerau Beach is very close to Cape Reinga which is the most northern point of New-Zealand. Kate’s mom, Kate is my flatmate, has a cabin out there and we were invited to spend (or invited ourselves) the weekend over there. So we drove there on saturday morning and came back on sunday night.

There are too many things I would like to say about this place, but I will let you guys discover most of them by looking at the pictures I just uploaded on the webpage. I also visited a place called Uretiti Beach which is another beach where Bonnie and I slept at on our last trip to new-Zealand. Overall it was a great little trip up north, but man was it tough bug-wise. You saw the post about “I’m such a city boy” ? Well, now you can see the tent in which I slept and understand why I said I was sleeping with the bugs. A good thing I had my iPod to accompany me in the tent. I played solitaire with the bugs for a while. Enough said, enjoy the pics by clicking on the thumbnail right there. Cheers.