Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 1 [8.6 out of 10]

Larry David in Episode 1 of Season 1

Curb Your Enthusiasm is a great, very sarcastic, show following around Larry David, the creator of the Seinfeld show. It is a sitcom about his experiences as a very succesful creator of Seinfeld, post cancellation, living the good life (and sometimes bad!) with a pile of money out in LA. But basically, it’s the story of his social inadequacy and how he hardly manages to go through a day without upsetting someone or doing something wrong. The best I can describe Larry is using a quote from Jason Alexandre (George in Seinfeld) who once said, after saying a line from the seinfeld show: “Nobody would ever ever respond this way to a situation like that”. To which Larry responded: “I did.”. You know the weirdest moments when George acts in some sort of crazy manner, well imagine that times 5 (or maybe 10).

I have to say that you do have to be able to appreciate that kind of humor. But once you start liking it, it’s hard to stop watching it. It’s pretty addictive to see what crazy things will happen to this poor guy and what kind of stuff he would be getting into. I know it gets better (or the same) because I did see some episodes from the fourth season with Xavier, Ilana and Bonnie. So I am not going to be disappointed by the upcoming seasons. We’ll see how they rank compared to the first one though.

Favorite Episode: Beloved Aunt.
Number of Episodes: 10.


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