My Website (Version 2.2)

Here is the new design of the website. I am still working on it and so I hope most of the stuff is working correctly. I am going to change a lot of the stuff around and so don’t get too comfortable. I need major feedbacks from everybody because I am not sure about the new menu thing. J’l’ai changer pour toi John!!! Est-ce que c’est pour le mieux ? Anyways, I hope you guys like it.

To leave comments, just click on the small ‘comment’ link at the bottom of THIS post.
Pour laisser un commentaire, clicker sur le petit icone ‘comment’ en bas de CE message.

I am also thinking of introducing a bilingual option to the site, but HEY I am writing a masters thesis at the same time… Hehehe In the meantime, practice your english!!! Oh and the photoblog is still coming up. How do you like the new beardcam comments ? I’m off to watch some CYE a little bit more. Everybody should get into that show, it is hilarious!!


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