Sending my First V4

I’ve done it. I sent my first V4 at the gym today. I am proud to say that I worked on this 6 move wonder for about a week and a half and managed to send it today. Yesterday was the day I figured out how to do it. It was a “simple” weight transfer problem. I mean there was more to it than that, but it was definitively much easier when I figured that out.

Having said that, there is only two more problems that I can work on before this gym is too easy for me. Yeah, the problem setters only set mostly below V4. There are two V5s and that’s it. So I will see what happens. My strenght is growing soo fast because I train on a regular basis. I should be able to climb the 23s (hopefully 25s) easy when I start lead climbing with Bonnie, when she gets here. It would be nice because I have so much to climb on my trip to Autralia and Thailand. Can’t wait. I will keep posting some my newest feat.