My Powerbook turned itself on

This morning, my 1 year old powerbook turned itself on. It was shut down AND the screen was shut as well. It went from being completely off to being very on… Although the screen did not seem to want to turn on. So I had to shut it down again and turn it on. Am I the only person to have had this problem before ? How strange is that ? I mean, I have seen a powerbook waking up by itself, because something happened, with the power plug, or the internal mechanism going crazy. But turned on completely ? It’s a first. Other than this very bizarre problem, the powerbook has been greeaat! I am very pleased. I am impatiently waiting for the time when they come out with the powerbook G5. Although, I will probabily wait for a couple of years before buying a new powerbook. The one I have is fine and I need a new home machine very soon. Anyways. Just thought I would share with you my esotherical experience this morning.


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