Climate Summit Opens in Montreal

A 12 day conference has just started in the city of Montreal, the subject: “Global Warming and the Kyoto Agreement”. Of course, the worst country, pollution-wise, is not taking actions because it “could harm development and economic growth”. I think this is incredible, seeing as the global warming is a very very serious problem and that we know that it is caused by all of the pollution created by industrialism.

But when you think about, it’s not too hard to see why they wouldn’t want to be part of it… It would be way too much work to stay on top of all us and try crushing us, while taking care of our earth. It’s scary to think that they are so close to us. It’s like having a mass murderer as your neighbour, you never know when he’ll hit again and who’s going to be his next target.

Follow the links to read more about this subject:

Kyoto in the news:

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