Last minute deal in Montréal

Apparently, the U.S. agreed for a non-binding ‘talk’ of how they could potentially reduced their gas emission. I guess it is a step forward, but man seriously, the Kyoto protocol is asking to reduced the gas emission by 5% of the 1990 emissions. It doesn’t seem like asking that much from countries in order to save our planet. And the U.S. state department spokesman Adam Ereli has the guts to say that “If you want to talk about global consciousness, I’d say there’s one country that is focused on action… dialogue… co-operation and… helping the developing world, and that’s the United States,” I couldn’t believe it.

I bet if you would tell Bush and its administration that there is oil in the North Caps, he would be interrested in saving it. I liked what Clinton had to say about these decision “they are flat wrong”. I mean, there is a guy with his head at the right place, he might have made bad calls when he was in the White House, but he is definitively the best U.S. president they ever had… and they wanted him to resign. What a bunch of morons…

Having said that, we want our Canadian government to resign and he is not that bad either. I wonder what is going to happen with that. I am personally hoping for a more powerful liberal government just to shut the PQ party. They have a big mouth and I am tired of hearing about them all the time, trying to stir things up. We never hear about them in situations like the Climate Summit in Montréal… Of course ’cause there are no chances of pushing there separation politics there. Hmmm pretty sad.

Last minute deal in Montréal
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