Death Penalty in the U.S.A.

I heard a rumor a couple years ago that accused China of being so cruel because they were executing people in stadiums in front of a public. How cruel and barbarian you will say. These crazy communists just don’t respect the right of humans like we do in america. You may be right on the fact that executions are cruel, and that maybe Chinese don’t respect the human rights. But please don’t be so ignorant as to completely forget that we do executions here too, in front of a public even. When I say here, I should add that I do not mean New-Zealand or my native (beautiful) country Canada. I really mean the U.S. Sorry for you guys, I have been bashing at you lately, but I can’t help it.

I am writing of course of the trial of Stanley Tookie Williams who is facing the death penalty scheduled on Tuesday at 12:01am. He is facing the death penalty for having killed four people, which he still denies after 20 years of jail time. Now I am not here to judge on wether he did it or not. I just think that death penalty is not something anybody should have to face. Especially when this person represent a great opportunity for the government to learn how to tackle organized crime. And is now a good example for the new generation. It wouldn’t be the first time that the state decide to kill someone even though he is not guilty. To paraphrase Corma Helzer, “We recycle plastic, we recycle glass — so why throw away a human life when it’s been made into something useful?”.

We are now in the hands of Arnold Schwarzenegger to decide if he will let Tookie live a life in the penetentuary or if they will execute him. I think I will post another post tomorrow as I am imagining that they will decide this by then since the execution is ‘supposed’ to be firs thing tuesday morning. I pray that it doesn’t go there and hope that the right decisions will be made.


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