Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [7 out of 10]

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2005I gave this movie a medium score even-though it managed to capture my attention the whole time. I liked the one liners, the witty narration, and the story was good, although pretty twisted and hard to follow at times. I personally didn’t really need all the violence and it seemed like they tried too hard at being innovator. There was too much going on at the same time, and the story just didn’t get to me that much. It seemed to be just like another “Pulp Fiction”. Which is good, but still.

The director, Shane Black, did a lot of other very good movies such as: Lethal Weapon, Last Action Hero, and The Last Boy Scout. But you got to wonder where has he been since the 90s ? On the other hand, the casting was pretty good, and I have to say, Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer did a great job!!