Syriana [8.7 out of 10]

Syriana 2005My friend Clint described it best: Syriana is “a political version of Crash”, a 2004 film by Paul Haggis. In brief, it is a political account of the oil industry and its effects on live accross the globe. The filming has been compared to the filming in Traffic, both of which were directed by Stephen Gaghan. The whole movie is quite fast paced, the story is hard to follow at times, but has a beautiful way of keeping you interested the whole time. But the main thing was that the acting was not over the top, and each of the characters were very well developed. Personally, I think George Clooney is a brilliant actor, and he did not disappoint me one bit. And neither did Matt Damon. The film is in nomination for the Oscars in: Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role (George Clooney) and Original Screenplay at the 78th Annual Academy Awards.