Trip Planner: Australia 2006

East Coast of AustraliaBonnie and I are Australia bound next week. We are actually leaving next wedesday and we are very excited. Our trip will consist of two parts. In the first part, we will be visiting some friends in Sydney, Melbourne, and climbing in the Grampians. We are also going to go see some of the 2006 Commonwealth games in Melbourne. Because the Grampians have been hit by some serious bush fire this summer, we might not be able to do as much climbing as we first intended, but we will nonetheless be in the Grampians National Park for a good 2 weeks. Hopefully, we will be climbing most of that time. We also plan on going to see the Twelve apostles, of which there are only eleven by now.

The second part of the trip will be to drive down the east coast with a wicked camper van. We will drive down from Cairns all the way to Sydney. A big 2700km trip down the coast. We will of course take this opportunity to do some scuba diving at the great barrier reef, and sunbath at the multiple beaches along the coast. We want to take 2 weeks to drive down the coast, and so lots of time for fun activities, like the zoo in Brisbane and the Blues festival at Byron Bay. Not to mention hippie town not too far from Byron Bay, and Bundaberg – City of the great Australian rhum!

We will post some pictures on flickr and keep you updated on the trip as we go. In the meantime, a lot of things need to be organized before we go and I have a thesis that needs to be edited and sent to my supervisor. Then, let the good times role!