Sydney 2006

Opera House in Sydney

We arrived to Sydney in the middle of the afternoon, and were immediatly greeted by Rosemary Corbett. The Corbetts are long time friend of the de Bruijn family, Bonnie’s family that is. It was very nice to have someone pick us up at the airport and invite us in their home. That night, we went for a walk around the bays and say some Cockatoos screaming in the trees.

The next morning, we had a very full on day. We walked all day, visited the zoo, and then went into town using the ferry accross the bay. We did the famous walk around the opera house and then into the botanical gardens. We, of course, went to see the huge flying foxes in the middle of the park, near the main pond.

The following day, we went with the Tylers, another long time friend family of the de Bruijns, to the Blue Mountains. We did a couple of nice walks around there and took the steepest railway in the world to go down the cliff and walk some more down there. We used the next day to go to the old family church and see Bonnie’s old houses (Two of them quite close from each other).

We have now left Sydney and are visiting some friend in Melbourne. We will leave some more notes on our experience in Melbourne as soon as possible, along with pictures for all of you.