iPhoto’s desing glitch

iPhoto's logo Personally, I find iPhoto’s design superb. Almost perfect. Especially the way to rotate images using the sliders and the super-imposed grid. But there are little things here and there that I would change. The main, and latest, thing that bothers me is a missing slideshow setting. When using the so useful ‘slideshow tool’, I would love to have the option of viewing the comments associated to each photos while playing the slideshow. So far, you can view the photo’s title or it’s rating, which personally are not so useful seeing as I am usually only showing my favourite photos and have the ‘bad’ habit of leaving the photo’s title to “100_1234.jpg”.

If you have any suggestions on how to get this done, I would be very grateful. If it means that I should upgrade to a newer version of iPhoto, then so be it. I am currently running under Mac 10.3.9 which is a pain for upgrades.


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