We Found a Reception Hall

Lobby at the Country Club

Last weekend, Bonnie’s parents were in town. It sort of coincided with two days that were sort of tough for me. I was a little down from the job search, and didn’t feel like talking much. It wasn’t great! Mainly after the meeting with Ken on Tuesday, and the day on Wednesday during which I worked a great deal on my presentation, I am now feeling much better. Actually, I am in a particularly great mood! I am now looking forward to give my presentation at Chemical Computing Group and have been working a lot on it the last two days. In fact, it looks pretty nice and should publish it online as soon as I gave it at their offices, which should be this week.

A classy table You are now asking yourself, what does that have to do with the subject header ? Doesn’t it suggest a totally different kind of news ? It didn’t mention anything about how great I feel (sort of). Well, actually, I have to rewind a little and explain why, in the first place, Bonnie’s parents were in town.

You see, we have been looking at Reception Halls for the past month or so and couldn’t decide between two. Both places had “our date” reserved until the beggining of this week, and so we had to make our decision by Monday or Tuesday! We mentionned our hesitations to John and Steph, and they decided to come down from Toronto to help pick up a place. Nice! In fact, it was very nice, because they had lots to share with us and made the process of deciding much more enjoyable.

A patio right on the golf courseSo here we are. Monday afternoon and we have decided which place it was going to be. The whole week I have been wanting to post pictures on the web, and share some details on the process of choosing the Reception Hall. The main problem: Money. Isn’t it always about money ? We finally decided that the proximity of this place and the size of the room made a big enough difference and was much more worth it for us. The main reason why I am so glad that we have chosen the place is the person with whom we are going to work. He is really nice and ready to make some changes in their menus for us. We are going to have a fabulous wedding reception! No. Correction. A fabulous wedding. Period.

Click here to see the rest of the pictures of the reception hall through flickr.com


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