Stunning Video Produced by Ahree Lee

The idea is simple, the result is stunning. On November 1, 2001, artist Ahree Lee began taking daily digital snapshots of her own face; and she has continued this project every day since.

Without doubt the most interesting video I have seen online for the past couple of months. Actually, it could have easily been presented in Paris, at the expo I went with Bonnie at the Musee Comtemporain. It is so simple, yet beautifully done. Two things came to my mind as I watched. First, one has to be incredibly dedicated and perseverant in order to take a picture of herself everyday for three years. Second, “how did she manage to take the picture at the same place/height everyday?”. She mustn’t have moved over those past three years because it seems like the background is pretty much the same the whole time. Anyways. I know there are workarounds for these things, but it takes you right back to my first point. Perseverance and dedication. Brilliant. Very well done.