Comedian [9 out of 10]

The Comedian, 2002
Director: Christian Charles
Main Actors: Jerry Seinfeld, Colin Quinn, & Orny Adams

Bonnie is gone at her parent’s cottage for the long weekend, and so things are kind of boring here. I had to stay over in Montreal to help my dad, my uncle, and my brother with putting up the new roof. We finished yesterday, and so I am now stuck at home until tuesday without Bonnie. It’s pretty boring here without Bonnie, and so I decided to rewatch this movie. I had seen it a couple of times already, but it was still very good.

It’s basically a documentary about what it is to be a comedian with Jerry Seinfeld. It’s actually very well done because it follows Jerry, after his decision to throw away all of his material and start from scratch, and a relatively new comedian Orny Adams. Because it is filmed as a documentary, it gives the viewer a good idea of what life is as a comedian, or a glimpse of it at least. And not any comedian, we get scences with conversations between Jerry and Ray Romano, Chris Rock, Bill Cosby, and many more. Also another very interesting angle in the movie is to see a big star like Jerry struggling to deliver a new set of jokes, while comparing this with Orny Adam’s struggle to deliver and grow as a comedian.

To be honest, I didn’t really like Orny Adam’s attitude towards comedy. He always seemed to want something more out of it. It was good to see him have conversations with Seinfeld and Shapiro, because they were always telling him to stop worrying so much about it. The quote from the movie is simply perfect. Exactly what I felt like telling him while watching the movie:

(Orny to Shapiro): Will I ever be a big star ?

(Shapiro to Orny): Yes, and you still won’t be happy.

I also really enjoyed the scence where Orny and Seinfeld have a conversation and Orny says that he compare himself with his friends and can’t wait to be where they are at. He stresses to Jerry that he his 29 years old. Seinfeld can’t believe what he is hearing and answers: “Would you rather be doing anything else ?”. This scene is brilliant. Jerry has a perfect take on what it is to be a comedian, and it is not about being famous. It’s about making people laugh. And after seeing this movie, it doesn’t seem as easy as one might think.

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