The Crocodile Hunter dies at 44

The great Steve Irwin past away today while they were filming a documentary on Sting Rays on the Great Barrier Reef, off Port Douglas.

Feeding a crocodile

I was shocked this morning as I learnt, on the radio, the horrible death Steve Irwin had, especially considering the number of incredible stunts he has been pulling off his whole life. Steve was stung by a ray right into the heart while filming a documentary on the Great Barrier Reef. Dr George Isbister says:

“What happened to Steve Irwin is like being stabbed in the heart. It has little to do with the venom and all to do with the trauma caused by the barb of the stingray.”

The freaky thing is that sting rays are not known to be very aggressive. In fact, there exists only one other record of death by a sting ray in Australia, and it was in 1945. Plus, if the sting ray would have stung anywhere else, chances are that he would be fine. The death of Steve Irwin is an horrible news for fans a around the world.

In the BBC article, the Australian Prime Minister John Howard summarized it very well:

I am quite shocked and distressed at Steve Irwin’s sudden untimely and freakish death

“It’s a huge loss to Australia – he was a wonderful character, he was a passionate environmentalist, he brought entertainment and excitement to millions of people.”

I went to see the ’Crocodile Hunter’ in person at the Australia Zoo in April 2006. I was so happy to see his show live, since he apparently did not always do the show at the zoo. This coincided with the world premiere of ’Bindi and the Corc Man’. It was delightful, but I can’t help and think about how his family is feeling at the moment. I hope they are coping okay. My condolences to Terry, Bindi and Bob Irwin and to the staff at the Australia Zoo. Rest in peace Steve. And know that all of your fans are mourning the loss of a huge role model today. He was one of the greatest naturalist for documenting and protecting wildlife around the world. He made it both interesting and spectacular. We will all miss him terribly.

Steve on YouTube