Coming Zune Near You

Brown Zune MP3 PlayerIn its continuous quest for market share of every possible software products known to man, Microsoft has finally come out with a relatively decent piece of MP3 player: The Zune. It’s got the looks and it’s got the technologies. With the possibility of sharing your music (photos and videos) with friends, listening to radio stations, and the 3in screen: I have to admit that it’s a couple steps ahead of its competitor, the mighty iPod. My sources, i.e. me and my good mate Clint, tell me that the iPod era might be coming to an end very soon (i.e. Christmas 2006 ?). Again, as with Windows Vista, only time will tell, but it might make me switch from my beloved iPod once and for all. Two major drawbacks:

  • Non-compatibility for Mac users.
  • Bigger screen, same resolution (320×240) as iPod.

But let’s face it, what kind of Apple user, in his/her right mind, would choose to switch to a Windows-based product to listen to music ? Well, a user that has a Windows desktop and would like to own a Zune MP3 Player and still be able to use it on his Powerbook G4. His/her only choice, at this point, would be to stay with iPod… As for the resolution drawback, well… what can I say.