Welcome IE7: My first customer.

Hey! You there. With the sup’d up browser. Yes, yes. The IE7. Welcome to my humble website. I hope the website is looking super for you. Well. That’s it for now. I’ll be monitoring you though… hope you come back! Oh, and don’t be shy to let us know if anything looks baaaadd around here.

Google Analytics showing my first IE7 customer

In all seriousness though. I am glad to see that there are some people running IE7 already out there. I mean, I know the RC has been out for a while, it’s been out since August 24 2006, but this means we should be getting feedback from the users very soon. I’m excited to know how much ground they have covered with this release. The sure have been working real hard on their CSS support, the CSS 2.1 specs that is.


2 thoughts on “Welcome IE7: My first customer.

  1. IE7 is getting better. But as webdesigners we will have to support IE6 and IE7.

    Nice site…fav muze shouyld be put the same way as flickrfotos is (vertically)



  2. Absolutely, as web designers we will have to take into account both IE6 and IE7 users. But we will eventually be able to only use web standard methods to design our website. It’s definitively a first step in the right direction on IE’s part. Personllay, I think IE8 will be awesome!

    As for the Fav Muze, I will for sure make the change. Thanks for the comments.

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