My First Interview for Accenture

I just received an e-mail, on Friday October 13th, confirming that I will have an interview with Accenture next Friday. I’m off to study and get ready now. Wish me luck!

Accenture’s logo in a hallway
I received my first e-mail confirming my interview with Accenture, after applying online, about a week ago. Ever since the e-mail, I have been reading news and studying the company’s history for this interview a little bit everyday.

I think one of the best to prepare for an interview like this is to know the company well enough to have an intelligent conversation with your interviewee. That’s especially true in the first round interviews of Accenture, since they focus more on the reasons why you would want to work with them and where you see yourself in the company years from now. So, yes, the best way to know that is to know the company a little more. My idea to study the company was to follow Google Finance’s RSS feed and read any news that came out on Accenture. Here is a brief list of the latest news (You have to have Javascript enabled to see this):

So anyways, here are some details on my first interview with them. I walked in the fifth floor of the Brown Building at McGill and was welcomed by three representatives of the Montreal office. They were really nice and we had a little chat about Accenture and other mathematical problems, which was a really interesting problem that I haven’t managed to solve yet, but that’s beside my point here. The actual interview took place in another room, and so my interviewer took me to that room at which point we started discussing some of my academic achievements right away. The interview was basically a get-to-know-me sort of interview and the questions were separated into four categories: Human Resources, Academic achievements, Life in general (extra curricular activities, etc), and Accenture-related questions. The first part is simply to know my geographical preferences (Would I prefer Montreal, Toronto, etc) and whether I can work in Canada.

I don’t want to go into the specifics of what the questions were, but they were pretty simple questions to get to know me. It was actually very interesting to talk with the interviewer and to get to know the company a little better. I think it would be really interesting to work there. There was also some time for me to ask questions about the job and the life that you can expect to have with a job from Accenture, which sounded reasonably exciting!

At the end of the interview, I had time to chat with the three representatives and is where I learned the most about Accenture. I also learned that the next interviews will be held next Friday, October 20th. I will know if I get the second interview or not on Monday. So stay tuned.

Don’t hesitate to leave a little comment here to share with us your experience at interviewing with Accenture. I may even have some words of advice to give you. Meanwhile, here is the picture of the stock for the past two years at Accenture. I find it pretty interesting and revealing to look at the price of the stock of a company.

Last two years at Accenture


24 thoughts on “My First Interview for Accenture

  1. Miguel,

    Interview was 90% as you describe with minor alterations here and there. So, anyone else who is reading this blog. Follow Miguel’s advice.

    Thanks a lot for helping us out.

  2. My interview was somewhat similar process. My interviewer acknowledged that there was no need to talk about my leadership and my academic achievements so she ended up skipping those steps. My greeter though was trying interview me.

  3. Miguel:

    Just wanted to wish you best of luck for your interview. You are a smart person, and I am sure you’ll do fine.

    Please post on how it goes. So, you could help people like me (less smart) 😉

    With much appreciation,

    Kindest Regards,

  4. Way to go FinanceFan. I am waiting for a reply from my second interview. I hope I get to the third round. I’ll let you guys know. I will post something about it pretty soon ’cause I think I should know by tomorrow.

  5. hey,
    I went to the 2nd round too. Did you hear anything from them yet, coz I didnt! I heard from the engg office though, that they contact everyone individually and don’t go thru the career office.

    let me know if you heard anythign from them….
    how disappointing!

  6. Hey there,

    I haven’t heard anything yet either. I guess this means that we were not chosen for the third/final round of interviews. We’ll see, but I think that the interviews were suppose to be on this friday which means that if they don’t send anything by tomorrow (pretty early) then it’s all over.

  7. Hey,
    Yeah, I haven’t heard anything either. I wish companies would be a little bit more courteous and just let us know – so we’re not waiting. Anyway, good luck with the job search. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll hear something tomorrow…

  8. I didn’t get the job. My second round of interviews was not convincing enough I guess. But I got a job at Nuance and am far (far!!!!) more happy then I would be at accenture. Ironically, I am working on a project with Accenture at the moment for Bellsouth. Ha ha. Life.

  9. hi guys i am new to this forum …actually i wanted some help (tips) for the third round of interview with accenture which is with senior executive of the company…. any one who got thru the third round pls advise me wat quest they ask???
    cheers mate!!!

  10. Hey there Roger,

    From what I have been told in the past (by a friend of mine who works for Accenture), when you get to the final round of the interviews, they keep everybody that is interesting and that looks promising.

    Again, from what I hear, the day begins at about 9h30 in the morning, they will give you a short presentation of the company and a tour of the office, etc. Then you have two sets of interviews during the day with executives and other employees. The key to this day and to show your eagerness to work for them and your passion on the subject, but, most importantly, show how much you fit with the team.

    Hope this helps.
    Let me know if you have more questions. Even tough I haven’t gone that far the process, I had done some research and can give you my opinion and advices.

    Good luck my friend. I hear they take about 75% of the people who get through to that round. If it’s meant to be, then you’ll be working at Accenture before you know it! 😉

  11. well, actually, I wasn’t invited to the third round of interviews. I hope that someone does come and share their experience though. I was told that the third round interviews are done on site and involves more presentations and meeting of people you will work with. I guess that means that you should be prepared to mingle a little bit and look your best! Good luck all!

  12. Can anyone share the experience of the third level interview at Accenture? I’ve applied for an Entry level developer position. I heard it will be a skills interview. Do they get really deep with the technical stuff? Please help.

  13. hi “help” can you please share your first and second interview at accenture for entry level job. I have applied for entry level position. Thanks in advance.

  14. Hi Harsha,

    I don’t want to rewrite most of what i’ve written already, but you should read this post (and the users comments) and the post about my second interview day (and user’s comments also) with Accenture. Also, look at the results of searching for “interview” on this site.

  15. Hi,
    I have an interview at Accenture London (3rd Round) with a senior member of the IT Dept, would appreciate if someone could let me know what kind of questions I can expect on the 3rd round of interview.

  16. @ Namshith:

    I had an interview with ACC*. but its strange though, You guys are talking bout 3 rounds where as I have had round 1.. and my 2nd and final one is going to be towards the end of this month. Its gonna be a 3 hr process with Hr and a senior level staff. And am to do a case study. Am nt nervous as it still hasnt sunk in yet, bt Am wondering 3 hrs for an interview??? thats alot of my time and what are they wanting to analyse in all that time when they could do that in an hour bout most of the guys.

    And Namshith, mine is in london too bt am wondering why didya say 3rd round?

  17. Hi
    Can anyone tell me how long one has to wait before one can get a call for 3rd round. I recently (around 10 days) back had a behavioural round of interview but havent heard from ACN since then. On seeking the status,HR mentioned she hasnt received the feedback from Hiring manager. Is it a long process, its now around 4 weeks since this process started. Any inputs very much appreciated.

  18. Hi

    Its yr end ACN and almost everyone is busy with their personal reviews back n also getting back to their peers with their reviews. And also it will be awhile before the whole system is in the motion.



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