Phone Interview with Nuance

The phone interview is officially scheduled for Tuesday October 24th at 20h00. I can’t wait because I have many questions in mind already.

Nuance Communications, Inc Things are advancing fast on my job search so far in October. Since I learned from my friend Jean-Philipe, through our common friend Sylvain, that Nuance Communications is looking for a person with a Mathematical and Programming background to fill in a position as a Speech Scientist, I have been super excited about this opportunity. First, I did some research on the subject and talked with Jean-Philipe about the position. I also read a little bit about the company and the science behind Speech Recognition. I had no idea it was such an interesting field of Mathematical applications. Anyways. Then I sent my Resume and nice little cover letter (which was appreciated by the recruiter apparently!).

So, as I said, I sent my Resume beginning of this week, and, apparently, it had a relatively good impact with the recruiters at Nuance because Jean-Philipe was contacted twice regarding my candidature on that same day. I was pleased to hear that from Jean-Philipe. However, the real surprise/good news came in yesterday when I got an e-mail from the Manager of Internation Speech Science at Nuance saying that he was interested in talking to me about a position as a Speech Scientist at Nuance in Montreal. Ever since that e-mail, I have been reading and collecting more information about the position and the company. I have many questions for him and am expecting the phone call today or Tuesday. I am very excited about it. What a great opportunity to blend my mathematical and programming skills, while satisfying my mathematic, logic, and technology never ending curisosity. I’ll keep you posted on this, as always.

If you have any questions regarding this, please post them here on the blog as a comment. I won’t answer personal e-mails on this subject seeing as people can benefit from your questions and it allows me to answer more than one question at a time. Cheers.


21 thoughts on “Phone Interview with Nuance

  1. The onsite interview was held at the Montreal office. In fact, I was interviewing for a speech scientist position in the Professional Division of Nuance, Montreal. I needed to prepare a one hour presentation for about 8 people and had about 10 interviews throughout the day. I started the day at around 10h00 and went until 16h30. I had a lunch interview with my future boss and a couple of phone interviews with the major speech scientists around North America.

    The whole experience was really nice and everybody was really interesting to talk to. I ended getting the job with them and have been working for Nuance for a month and a half already. Let me know if you want more details. I might decide not to unveil some of my secrets (and theirs), but I might be able to help. Are you looking for a position with us ?

  2. Thanks for the information,
    Actually I passed the phone interview and coding round for Software research engineer position at Nunace. I might be called for onsite interview this month.
    I just want to know what to expect on onsite interview. Coding rounds ..? how much emphasis will be on speech recognition on optimization side..?

    Thanks again

  3. Hi Miguel,

    Thanks for your information about the interview from Nuance.

    I have applied for a position at Nuance and have done the first phone interview with hr. Now I am waiting for the result

    I have heard about something like a test which needs to be done and passed.

    Maybe you have similar experience?


  4. hi there,
    It depends on the position you are interviewing for. If it is an application developer position, then you will definitively have to pass a test at the on site interview. I don’t think it’s incredibly difficult, if you know your stuff, but it needs to be done for sure! Stay relaxed, bring all of your wits and you should be fine.

    Good luck and let us know how it went!!

  5. Hi Miguel,

    Thnaks for your replay soooo quickly!

    My position is not real as a developer, but i will be working with engineers and researchers. So i do not have idea what kind of test will it be.

    I will share my interview so far as it goes.



  6. Hi Miguel,

    I was invited for the interview day (they said it’ll take 4 hours) together with some other candidates for the application developer position.
    Could you provide some insight on what type of questions we should expect? I just started brushing up on my Java skills and would be really useful if I knew what to focus on.

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

  7. Hi Dan,

    I am not sure how much I can tell you, unfortunately, but brushing up on your Java skills is definitively a good thing. In general, for any kind of interview, I’d review the skills they said you should have (java, c, etc) and make sure you can answer both general and specific questions on those (even coding questions of course!). Like I said, I don’t want to say too much, but I hope things go well for you! Good luck! Nuance is a great company to work for!


  8. Hi Miguel,

    I have applied for a software engineer (entry level) position at Nuance and have done the HR interview in their office. They told me to come for technical interview next week. They said it will be a 3 hour interview with some technical managers and the director.

    Do u have any idea how the interview will be?

  9. Thanks for replying Miguel…
    I read a few reviews of disgruntled employees of nuance online (mostly from the states though) that got me a bit worried. So it’s good to hear it’s a nice environment.

  10. I am looking for a Speech Scientist.

    Basic Function:

    The Senior Speech Scientist is responsible for managing the Client’sVoice Platform and advising the business on strategies for optimally deploying Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text to Speech (TTS) technologies and solutions that ensure client deployment success. The Senior Speech Scientist will interact with Platform Developers and Quality Engineers to deploy speech platform solutions, as well as the Product team to identify and implement ASR and TTS product features. The Senior Speech Scientist will also advise the Professional Services team on specific client deployments that require complex speech functionality. This is a hands on position that requires strong leadership and communication skills.

    Job Duties (include but not limited to):

    •Evaluate ASR and TTS technology in the Market and advise the business on technology adoption for the Angel Multi-tenant/SaaS platform
    •Drive ASR and TTS Multi-tenant/SaaS Strategy for the Business
    •Create benchmarking and trending reports for the Angel Multi-tenant/SaaS ASR/TTS Platform
    •Ensure proper integration between ASR/TTS and VoiceXML platform
    •Monitor the Platform’s ASR and TTS performance and devise strategies for core engine tuning, including Dictionary Manipulation
    •Create and tune Speech Recognition Grammars
    •Advise the Product group on ASR and TTS Feature Development
    •Tune Speech Applications, write Tuning Reports
    •Gather and analyze Caller and Business requirements to design successful Voice Applications

    Job Requirements:

    •Experience in ASR and TTS Dictionary Manipulation
    •Experienced in speech application grammar creation and tuning, knowledge of SRGS/GRXML a must
    •Strong familiarity with VoiceXML platforms (e.g., Nuance NVP, Holly, VoiceGenie/Genesys, Voxeo Prophecy)
    •Strong Communication Skills
    •Deep knowledge of Nuance recognition engine
    •Experience in creating speech application performance reports
    •SLM grammar design, creation, and maintenance a big plus
    •MS or PhD in Electrical Engineering, Computer science, or related areas
    •5+ experience as a Speech Scientist

  11. Hi Miguel,
    I had applied a job in Nuance, Montreal Qc, a speech scientist-software engineer position in June 2011. It has been 3 weeks. I did not receive any email reply or any call.
    Usually how long it takes for them to decide whether to interview the candidate. Does it mean I have no chance if I did not hear anything back after a month?
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  12. Hi Miguel,
    I am very interested in that position because I had been working on speech and audio processing for a few years and I would like to keep working on this direction. My education background is also quite useful to this job. I just moved to Montreal a month ago, I am looking for the right opportunity. When I saw Nauance posted this position, I am so excited. I think it is the right company I would like to join. I really hope I can hear something back from them. If you have suggestion to me, please enlighten me. Thank you.

    1. Hi Shan, sorry it took me so long to reply. I unfortunately have no insight in that process at all. I know it can take a long time every now and then, especially in the summer while people are going on vacation. I wouldn’t necessarily think that you have no chance. You might have to wait a little bit more and hope for the best. Sorry i don’t have much else to add. Good luck in your search!!! Cheers.

  13. Hi Miguel,
    I have applied to Nuance communications for a research intern through a reference.
    So, I am expecting a call.
    Would you please tell me the interview process?
    In the technical interview, if they ask me to write code, Can I choose my own language to write code(from one of java or python)?


  14. hello

    I got a mail from HR abt the position speech scientist position I applied for and my interview is scheduled next week and I have no idea about the type of questions I can expect… can you provide me some help as of how to prepare

    Thank You

    1. hi Janeey, i can’t really give you much details, but i suggest you read the comments in this post and maybe browse some of my other posts on the subject. Brush up on your programming skills (java, perl, python, or whatever was in the job description) and make sure you understand the principles of speech recognition very well. Otherwise, be yourself and enjoy the process. I wish you the best of luck! Maybe we’ll talk in the future.

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