My Second Interview with Accenture

I didn’t want to say much about this second interview here. However, seeing as my first post on the subject seems to have helped a couple of people out there, I thought I should share a little something for the second round interviews also.

My second interview was with a different person from Accenture, Montreal. He was really nice, but we skipped the chatting from the first interview and dove right into the subject matter: Behaviour, Behaviour, Behaviour. So I will only give you one piece of advice for this second interview: Prepare at least 5 projects from which you remember a large amount of details (because, yes, they will dig really deep!), and be ready to answer a couple of questions using those projects. I also suggest visiting’s sample behavioural questions to get an idea of the kind of questions you will be asked. You should be able to find all of the information you need in order to do well in behavioral interviews on that website. You should also visit the section on Second Interview Do’s and Don’ts from the same website.

Just to give you an idea of the kind of questions they may ask you. I was asked to “talk about a time you had to talk about the difficulties you were facing in a project”. They asked me a lot of questions about the said project, what was it, why was it difficult, but they also asked me to explain in detail how I was feeling when I was talking to my employer. Needless to say, it was very difficult to remember.

Oh and one last thing. Don’t ever lie about a project. It’s way better to be honest. I told them at one point that I didn’t remember this project in that much detail. They said “no problem, we’ll change question”. After all, they are not there to torture you, they are only there to find out more about you. If you lie, then all they’ll find out about you is that you are a liar… and that would definitively rule out a third round interview! Having said that, I would recommend studying your past five projects you’ve done and try to remember as much details as possible.

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56 thoughts on “My Second Interview with Accenture

  1. Miguel,

    Thanks for the heads up. Q tho: how many behavioural type of questions were asked. I have asked other people and they said 3.

    Also, accenture is known for drilling in their second round it seems. I talked to couple of my seniors and they said the same thing. Second, round is one of the toughest… kind of scares me.

    That being said. Were there only behavioural type of questions? Or they asked something else as well?

    In terms of the projects, I have heard that they ask a lot of probing questions….to see how well you answer or how comfortable you are with the details of the project…

    In all, how did your second round go? Did you like it? I know it wasnt that easy as first round, or it wasnt suppose to be either…

    Hopefully, everything works out for you and they call you for the third/final/closing round.

  2. Hey Vakul,

    Yes I liked the second round interviews. I think it has a lot to do with who is interviewing you though. My interviewer was fun and made me really comfortable. Anyways, I got a total of 4 questions and they did probe a lot. I was not expecting that much details, but they did ask a lot. He he he. The questions were all behavioural and it lasted for about an hour in total. Don’t be scared. It’ll be fun, I’m sure.

    Hope you do well. Let me know! We might be able to work on a project together one day! Ha ha ha. Cheers.

  3. Yup. Thats the plan Miguel. I have one last question. Did they ask about details of the project when probing…

    or they said “what were you thinking then?” “or who did you talk too”

    probing of questions is what scares me!:(

  4. Miguel,

    Did they get back to you about the office visit.
    I haven’t had the interview yet, but just wondering on how quick they are on their end.

    One of my friends got interviewed at uft and said the interview was hard cuz the interviewer kept on pressing on details, he said it was a lil easier cuz this way you know what information they are looking for and you can direct the answer that way….

  5. Thanks for the comments FinanceFan. I actually didn’t get through. I received an e-mail notice a couple of days ago. It’s too bad, but I wish you all good luck on the second or third interviews. I hope you all get it! 🙂 I am working on other avenues at the moment and things are promising… so finger’s crossed!

  6. Hi Miguel,

    Ahh to bad. My last question is that were you prepared with the STAR approach and projects? or is that something you thought of afterwards?

    I wish you good luck with the other companies. Thanks.

  7. I sweared that I won’t put my resume to those “kids” of Accenture. I saw those “Accenture Kids” in the job affair in Ottawa U that they were all fabbing around, looking at chicks and ignoring the people who had questions to ask. I was so stunning for what the hack of this company is. Their attitude was just like you were begging for jobs and they were the King. I have never ever encoutered such kind of company hurting people like that, whatever in the job affairs or the interview. I almost showed them the middle finger. _n_

  8. @trp: I haven’t been invited to the third round interviews, but I do not think you should expect to talk about salaries just yet. I think they only talk about those details when they make the official offer, which is the following week. BTW, I heard that if you made it to the third round, then you are pretty much in. So congrats. Just be as good as you were during the other interviews and you’ll be fine! 😉 Good job!

  9. @Penny: I totally know what you mean. I think this is the average attitude in management though. It’s a very though field to work in, because of the competitive nature of the people it attracts. I am very happy with the job I found and personally think that Accenture made the right decision when they decided not to hire me. 😉 A friend of mine said the same thing, and now 3 years later, he is very happy doing a PhD in English Litt. Imagine!

    Truthfully, those interview processes are there for them to learn more about you, but also for you to learn whether you want to work there or not. Accepting a job at Accenture would not have been the best of moves for me, and so I am happy with their decision. Anyways. I understand your position, but you might want to start looking for a job in another field, because I don’t think that it’s just “Accenture kids” as you say. 😉 Having said that, I have met some very cool people at Accenture and do not think that they are all like what you described… Just the new kids maybe… Anyways, cheers.

  10. Hello,

    I have a 3rd round/office visit this week for a entry level management consulting position and was just wondering if anyone could tell me a little about the process for the office visit/3rd round interview? Thanks!


  11. Hey A.Z.,
    I hope someone will answer your question. I wouldn’t know because I didn’t make it there. BUT, I do have a friend that ended taking a job offer from Accenture, and he had great advice/comments about the office visit.
    Basically, it is more of an office visit then an interview. They wouldn’t waste their precious time if you weren’t a good catch interview/cv-wise. So i’d say it is highly likely that you will get an offer. I remember my friend saying that the office visit was mostly about how well you interact with the people you meet and if you “click” with them too. I wouldn’t be able to give you stats on this, but probably more than 50% get an offer (depending on the job availabilities of course).
    Having said that, go in confident (not too much! He he) and have fun! I am sure that they’ll want to see someone who’s comfortable with it’s environment and can have a great conversation with the people he meets. This may sound dumb, but being comfortable in a suit is probably important (i looked uncomfortable I am sure) and so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to wear it this week. That is, of course, unless you already wear suits all the time! :).
    On that note, good luck!
    And let us know how it went and give us some more info on that mysterious third round interview.

  12. Hi guys,
    I went through the forum .I am invited for an 3 rd level interview at accenture.I am curious N tensed too.Can u Plz share ur experiance N interview questions.It will be very helpful

  13. Hey Nazee,

    well done! If you read through the comments, it looks like when you get to the third round of interviews you are pretty much in. Just be yourself, calm and ready to have a great day at their office. It’s not a walk in the park, but don’t stress too much. 🙂

    Well done again!
    let us know of your experience there at the third round. I’m sure it will help someone else that’s going through this process!

  14. i think when people here are saying third interview they mean the one onsite…oh nooo..i have finished just the behavioral. i guess that still doesnt say much huh!

  15. ahh yes, so far here we we say “third interview” we mean “on site”. Keep posting and letting us know how it goes. I hope you get to the “on site” interview!

  16. Hi Miguel

    its been almost two weeks since i finished my second interview. i havnt heard anything as yet. Havnt even recieved a rejected email. Do they usually take so long. it really strange. What do you think ?

  17. Hi Nazee,

    yes, that is strange. I had received my rejection notice the following week. I remember thinking that it took a long time, but not two weeks. That’s quite annoying. I wish you the best anyways!

  18. I just got third rounds interview this Friday! I’m pretty happy. Do I have to prepare anything for the third rounds? I was thinking just learning as much as I can about the firm and asking lots of questions.

  19. Nice!! Looks like you are on the right track. That’s exactly what I would recommend you do. In the third round interviews, it’s all about chemistry. If they see that you have potential and that you are interested in the job (don’t go overboard either), then I’d say you have good chances!

    Come back and drop us a note about your experience. And good luck!!!

  20. hi, i just went through the 2nd round of interviews (phone case interview) and have been invited to the on-site interview, scheduled three weeks from now. my experience has been a little bit different from the other posters. primarily, most of you talked about behavioral interviews during the second interview. mine was strictly case-based. a friendly accenture insider told me to really know the behavioral stuff for the third round, but also be myself (read, the’ll be judging on personality and how i get along with others, etc.). has anyone had a similar experience? (btw, thanks miguel for your insights.)

  21. Hi I just got the call for the 3rd interview and I was asked to go to their Mississauga office tomorrow. I was also told that it would a technical interview(I am done with the behavioral interview and looks like I was able to pass it…quite a relief) and it might take 45-90 minutes. Any thoughts on that…anyone?

  22. Hi All. Nice to see ur valuable discussions. I cleared second round of Interview but today got a call from HR that position has been shifted to March. Be in touch with us till then. Has anybody experienced this before. Feeling so bad abt this.

    1. Hey Rav. I personally never had that happened to me, but i’ve been working in the industry for a couple of years now, and I can tell you that I doesn’t necessarily mean that you are out. Companies (even big ones like Accenture) often have to delay hiring decisions due to all sorts of things (usually money, ha ha!). Don’t give up, my friend had to wait three months for the company to finally make an offer (at which point he actually had a job anyways! ha ha). It’s not over until it’s over! Thanks for participating in the discussion!!

  23. Hi Miguel,

    thanks for giving insight into Accenture’s recruitment process,your blog is really very helpful especially for those who are actually going through this process @ accenture..

    I have applied for ATS,canada and have been interviewed over phone for initial screening, Technical & Behavioral rounds.I am awaiting their response on what would be the next step? I am not having Canada Work Permit so not sure how my Senior Manager round would be arranged will it be a telephonic round again ? it’s been 2week and they haven’t got back to me yet.

    I contacted my HR Contact and she said she is also awaiting for my feeback on Next Step..I am starting to feel very low and lots of Negative thoughts are crawling in my mind now. what do you feel my chances are in getting this Job? and what can I expect in final round considering it would be a Telephonic interview?


  24. Thanks Miguel I really found the information you provided useful, I had second interview last week in Accenture as Java Software Engineer, of course I made sure I had to read the company’s background that’s very important.
    I think I did badly on the HR interview part, I didn’t have answers for some of the HR questions, some of the questions I said I don’t have example or don’t know what to say.
    But I think I did well in the technical interview, anyway I will let you know there response.

    Insha Allah

  25. Asmkm Jusuf

    I have my 2nd round(HR and Tech intrw) for Java Software Engineer Position in London, plz can you help me by giving some hints and tips.



  26. Hi guys,

    I just recieved a confirmation for the third closingn interview. Now as far as the info i have from this discussion, the closing is going to be more oriented towards my know how abt Accenture and my interest to join on board. But what I fail to understand is that since it is going to be a 60 minute interview… how long can I talk about Accenture.

    Or is there anything else to this closing round?? Is it difficult???

  27. Hey guys,

    I know this is quite late.. but was wondering- for those of you who got to the on-site interview, how long after your interview did they contact u to tell u that you got the on-site interview?

  28. This website was very helpful for me so I decided to contribute to it. I just finished my final round interview with Accenture a few days ago. I was interviewed with two SM but my friend was interviewed with 1 SE and 1 SM.
    Essentially, it is 2 40 min interviews where they just ask you some questions about your work experience.
    My first one was 40 mins. The SM was really casual, very nice. He told me about himself and then asked me a few questions. I don’t really remember them but they were essentially questions where you reply with previous experiences. Then I asked him a few questions and we were done. Pretty straight forward and casual. I believe they jsut wanted to see if you are the right fit for consulting.
    The second one was about 1.5 hrs but that was because we started to talk about other stuff too. First, he introduced himself and then talked about my work experience. And then he started to give me career advice which was extremely insightful and very helpful. He also asked me a few questions about my work experiences, similar to the other SM but not the same questions. Essentially, if you have worked before and you prepped, you should be able to answer the questions. Again, its to see if you are a fit.
    I thought the interview was very smooth and very casual. I felt the SM were very genuine and they seem very experienced. I’ll hear back in a week to see if I got in.
    I wouldn’t say if you got third round you are 75% (never go into an interview thinking its yours. That’s way too cocky) in because i know a friend who had an interview along with 2 other ppl and he was the only that made it through. There were 2 other interviees with me as well.

    Good Luck!

  29. Hii everyone,

    thanks a lot for so much insight to the selection procedure for accenture’s interview process…about mine i had my 1st intervew few days back and it was lasted for more den an Hour and initially he asked few question like why u want to join accenture and alal and den it was purely technical/functional. i have been shortlisted for this Bussiness Consultant position and in this 1 hr intervw they almost asked abt everythng of my work ex..and many cases of projects…supply chain too and SAP ans obseravatory stuffs..

    next day go mail for intrvw schedule for 2nd round…and if any one can guide me what exactly i expect in 2nd round…as many are saying it wld be behevoiural while other are saying cases based….so any body has 2nd round for experinced hire as specifically for consulting position in india wld be great help.

    thnk u all

  30. Hi All,

    I went thru the 2nd interview 3 week ago but yet receive any respond from accenture, do anybody knew how long it would be take to respond? would it be think successful go thru or they just ignore ur like this.

    Thank u

  31. Hey guys,

    my first interview with Accenture was a phone interview and was just about my resume. The second phone interview consisted of situational questions. It helps if you prepare for it with several scenarios you have experienced. I have a third round of interview tomorrow at the Missisauga office. Did anyone have an interview their for a Technology Consulting Analyst and if so how did it go? Were there any technical questions?

  32. I had a second chance at doing the PFI (Performance Factor Interview) with Accenture because the first time I didn’t score very well in terms of my approach in my responses (i.e. explain the steps in rich detail without rambling on or the opposite, have awkward pauses) but I had good content so I was given another chance to do this phone interview with another recruiter. The second chance interview was so much better – I was much better prepared and after she asked each question, she actually elaborated by giving me ideas of situations I could draw from (e.g. meetings conducted and what was discussed or said) which really helped me think of situations I used.

    You really can’t prepare ahead of time in terms of what answer you could give since you won’t know the question they’d ask so my advice is to have at least 2 or 3 examples of situations for each of the points on your resume so that you have something to talk about and make sure these examples have a lot of depth because the recruiter will do some probing.

    I did pass this time around and will be having a subsequent interview in the Mississauga office.

  33. @ Sun,

    I interviewed with Accenture recently. I was quite impresses with their recruiting process since I gave all 5 interviews in 15 days, with all 5 different people. It was for Tech Constng Analyst. I just gave details for background check and waiting for the next step, since they said they are interested in moving forward with me.

    There were technical questions in technical interview specific to the projects I worked on. There was a situation based, behavioral,phone screen and in person interviews too.

    Let you know what happens. I should wait for a month to hear something, since it takes time to get leadership approval.

    Did you finally got hired or didn’t work out? How soon you heard back from them for the next interview/offer???


  34. Hi Everyone….
    I just had my behavioural interview 2nd Round today for Accenture Singapore SAP consulting workforce. The interview lasted for almost an hour+ and the interviewer was to the point with almost 4-5 situational questions and grilled me in detail with every instance I gave from my previous experience, after the interview she told me that I would get a call from HR in possibly 1-2 weeks. Iam not sure whether its positive or not has anyone had similar experience who can suggest I should be positive about getting a call for the next round.


  35. @ Anuj, what the updates? u went through the behavioural interview?
    I had my behavioural interview today….4 – 5 questions ….and the interviewer was probing each and every details. I am not sure that how was my performance. BTW i applied for IT experienced consultant position.
    Now i am waiting for the outcome of the interview.
    Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!

  36. Hi Guys,

    This forum is very useful in-terms of preparing for Accenture’s interview. I got lots of insides about how the interview will be conducted and what are the possible questions thrown at you during interview. Now let me tell you about my experience.

    One of my friend referred me for SAP consultant position and I got call from HR after 2 months about my availability. After initial phone conversation with HR, I got my first technical interview with SAP PM. That interview was pretty good, she asked me questions about my pervious SAP projects, why I want to join this company and some technical stuff. That interview lasted about 60+ minutes. Within 3 days I got email from HR saying ‘interviewer feedback was very positive and they would like to arrange another interview’.

    2nd round was PFI (performance factor interview) and this time interviewer was senior executive who has over 20 years of experience within Accenture. I followed the suggestion given in this forum and prepared at least two case scenario for each question. That interview lasted about 45 minutes and guess what I got reply from HR within 3 hours and they called me for in-person interview.

    Next week I have my in-person interview at Mississauga office. So let’s hope for best.


  37. Hi all,
    Thanks for all the interesting posting. I have my first interview with accenture “Management Consulting Finance & Performance Management Consultant” tomorrow. Its a phone interview and i am not sure what to expect. Can someone help me?


  38. Hello Guys,

    Last week I had my In-person interview and I can say that it was same as 2nd round. Overall review of your skill and experience. I had nice one hour conversation with Area Operation Manager. He was very supportive and gave me nice advices about my future. He explained me all the requirement of Accenture. After that interview I spoke with HR for 15 minutes and guess what within 3 hours HR call me and told me that I AM HIRED. So from next month I will join Accenture team. Hope this move will be good for my future.


  39. Hi Guys,

    I get phone interview with Chicago Accenture for a Global Tax Analyst position.

    According to what I read in above phone interview discussion. I will expect questions about my resume, situation based, and behavioral.

    So what kind questions will I expect in the phone interview? Please give me some example questions.

    Thank you!

  40. Hi guys,

    I’ll having my phone interview with one of the accenture project manager this afternoon. Quite nervous! I believe that the situation will be some how similar with some of you. I’ve been advice by the recruiter to go thru all the technical stuff and also projects I’ve done during my uni. And tomorrow, I’ll meet the client. I’ve read some accenture interview review said that they will ask in depth of the processes
    & configuration portion in your expertise area. Wish me luck! TQ

    1. Good luck Iera! Come back and let us know how it went. Don’t share the exact questions, but the type of questions and stuff. It’s interesting for others to read before their interview. Good luck again!

  41. Hello
    i got a interview call from Accenture that is your resume has been shortlisted for Account Receivabl and Payble ,they said you will get another round interview call with in 2-3 days ,
    kindly help me in this which kind of questions they will ask and how can i move with them .

    Thanks and Regards

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