Thursday Morning Puzzle: The Counterfeit Bill

I’ve had a couple of suggestions for the solution of this puzzle. Thanks to Heather, Eddie, and John for trying to solve the puzzle! I’ve just posted the solution in the comments. You can access the comment page of this article by clicking on the ‘comment’ label under the title.

A shop manager bought a box of chocolate for 2$ each; he sold the chocolate for 2.50$ each. One day, a person comes into the shop and buys this kind of chocolate with a 50$ note; the manager didn’t have enough change and so the manager went to the shop next door and swapped the note with some changes. He gave that costumer the chocolate with 47.50$ of change and the costumer left. Few minutes later, the shop assistant next door found the manager and told him that note is a forgery, he asked the manager to return 50$ and so the manager did. How much has the manager lost altogether?

I will post the answer to this Puzzle in exactly 4 days (Sunday, October 29). I hope to get some guesses for the correct answer by then. Stay tuned because I will be publishing a couple of my favourite puzzles in the next couple of days.


One thought on “Thursday Morning Puzzle: The Counterfeit Bill

  1. After having so many guesses at this, I sure hope my solution is correct. Let me know by commenting on this if you think I am wrong. I will solve the problem by keeping a running total in square brackets.

    The owner bought the chocolate at 2.00 a piece [total -2.00]
    The customer gives him the $50 bill [total: 48.00]
    He gives the money next door for change [total: -2.00]
    The owner gets the change back [total: 48.00]
    The owner gives the change ($47.50) back to customer [total: 0.50]
    The owner returns $50 next door [total: -49.50]

    The key to this puzzle is that the owner will make 0.50$ for each chocolate he sells. But because the $50 was false, he will have to return $50 to the neighbour. Therefore, he had to lose 49.50$. The fact that he exchanges the money at the beginning is only there to put us off and make us think that he actually lost 99.50$.

    I hope you enjoyed this little puzzle. I am working on another one at the moment. Stay tuned.

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