Tour de Bloc 2006-2007 #1: Action Directe

Tour de Bloc 2006 - Ayo on problem #1

As always, the Tour de Bloc competition at Action Directe was a lot of fun, and the quality of the climbers was really impressive. Among with the regular faces, many new comers made their way to the finals. On both sides, the competition was much harder and making the finals was a totally new game for those used to make it easily. Some very strong climbers didn’t even make it to the final round. This made the event all the more impressive.

On the men’s side, a couple of very strong guys from Quebec were there, and the Toronto team was especially impressive (See Ayo in the picture!). As for the women, the usual crew was there (with some missing… Nicole where were you? Ha ha.), but another girl from Quebec made quite an impression with the crowd.

The next competition, on Saturday Nov. 18th, in Ottawa promises to be very, very interesting and exciting. I cannot wait to see who will make it to the finals and who won’t. Here are the final results in a nutshell with the points from the qualification round in square brackets (Notice the change in order):

Men’s Open Results
  1. Rene Cousineau [6490]
  2. Dave Voltan [5605]
  3. Ayo Sopegu [4760]
  4. Jeff Beaulieu [5290]
  5. Varin Thibault [5190]
  6. Yves Gravelle [4700]
  7. Gary Posey [5200]
  8. Sebastien Lazure [5065]
Women’s Open Results
  1. Eva Pepin-Helie [3950]
  2. Erin Ford [3830]
  3. Cathy Laflamme [3520]
  4. Catherine Brunet [3805]
  5. Lisa Lajoie [3400]
  6. Bonnie de Bruijn [3630]

For the record, I placed 29th out of 31 the participants (in the experienced category) with 2140 points. I will definitively do much better next time, when my fingers are fully recovered from injury (hopefully!)… Don’t forget to go visit the official photos on Frank’s website.

Quick facts about the Action Directe competition: 131 participants (40 Women and 91 Men) organized into 6 categories. Women’s Open had 22 participants, experienced had 12 and 6 beginners. As for the men’s categories: 41 (Open), 31 (Experienced), and 19 (Beginners).


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