Tour de Bloc 2006-2007 #2: Coyote Rock Gym

Tour de Bloc 2006 - Simon Villeneuve on problem #3

Again, Jodi and the team at Coyote Rock Gym did an amazing job for the Ottawa leg of the Tour de Bloc. The set up and the quality was amazing and, personally, I loved the idea of having a judge for each problem. It made the whole day much smoother and made me take breaks between each tries. I am sure glad that they are hosting the Canadian finals. That guarantees good quality, and that’s great news!

One caveat, the final problems were really tough. So hard that only two (out of four) of the Women’s problems were finished and similarly for the Men’s problems. It was very entertaining to watch them try so hard, but quite anticlimactic since nobody finished the last problem of the competition (for the men)… The problems at the finals in May should be a little easier, which will be interesting to see.

Men’s Open Results

On the Men’s side, apart from Rene who finished first again, things changed a lot. Mainly because a couple of very strong climbers, who weren’t there in Laval, showed up for this competition (Simon, Andre, and Jonathan).

  1. Rene Cousineau
  2. Simon Villeneuve
  3. Jonathan Audy
  4. Dave Zoltan
  5. Andre Cheuk
  6. Ayo Supeju
  7. Thibault Varin
  8. Sebastien Lazure
Women’s Open Results

For the Women’s finals, the same three first stayed at the top of the pack, but Bonnie made her way up to fourth.

  1. Eva Pepin-Helie
  2. Erin Ford
  3. Cathy Laflamme
  4. Bonnie de Bruijn
  5. Nicole Ko
  6. Lisa Lajoie

This time, I did much better than previously. I placed 16th out of 33 participants with 1740 points. I can’t wait for the next competition in Quebec on December 9th. It should be quite fun!

Quick facts about the Coyote competition: 118 participants (33 Women and 85 Men) organized into 6 categories. Women’s Open had 20 participants, experienced had 11 and 2 beginners. As for the men’s categories: 45 (Open), 33 (Experienced), and 7 (Beginners).


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