A quick update and some random thoughts

I am reading this really funny book at the moment: Micro-serfs. Story of a couple of people working at Microsoft. Having been to Microsoft for interviews and a campus visit, I can totally understand what they are saying and my day interview there makes this book a lot more fun. That and the fact that I am a complete geek inside. Ahhh. Still in the “geek closet” I guess.

While on the subject of interviews. It’s funny how ironic (Is that a Canadian ironic? Not sure anymore, thanks to Alanis…) life can be. I interviewed with Accenture who didn’t feel I had the qualifications and type of personality to work there, and am now working at Nuance (which I love love love by the way!). The irony is that I am working on a project for which Accenture contracted us to do the speech recognition and I wrote a whole report on how to improve their application! Ha ha. Take that Accenture! I love life. Full of surprises.

Other random thoughts. Nuance stock hit the 15$ mark today. I’ve been working hard on Africa World’s website and it is finally coming together. We are looking at a March 1st launch. Long process, but we finally managed to get something done. I’ll be sure to let you guys know when it is online. Bonnie (and I? non, not even… Bonnie just made an amazing list of songs for us) has been working on the music that will play at the wedding, and I’ve been working a little bit on the wedding website (This friday, I will update it, I promise!). My chocolate chip banana cookies just came out of the oven, so I’ve got’s to go. I made them huge… delicious!

Hope all is well everybody tonight. Where ever you are (physically and mentally) when reading this, send me some news some time.


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