Spring Clean up Day

I’ve spent the whole day cleaning up both my computers. I’ve been wanting to free-up space on my powerbook for the longest time. Mac is brilliant if you have enough space to support its needs. So I manage to free-up 7 Gigs, by mainly backing up old pictures and erasing some old programs I wasn’t using anymore… Anyways, this post is not really about macs and clean-ups, but about a new finding for wordpress addicts. I wanted to write about this cool new importer/exporter for people using WordPress 2.0. I haven’t updated for a while (why would I, when I have everything that I need on this version?). Turns out that I needed this cool little gadget that comes pre-installed on the new version: XML Exporter/Importer for wordpress. Pretty neat.

Yes, the site is undergoing some changes and will soon (very soon) be moved to my very own domain (www.bonuel.ca). Right now, I have our wedding site there, and very soon I will have my blog at http://www.bonuel.ca/blog. Anyways, that’s the future. If you haven’t visited our flickr account lately, I suggest you do so. There were many updates there and you’ll discover that we were just in Jamaica for our fabulous friends’ wedding! What a blast! Now off to do more computer-geek things. Cheers