Rumney: Two new projects

Scouting the moves So we went to Rumney last weekend and I found myself two nice little projects. Most of the crags was occupied by Quebecois since it was “la fin de semaine d’la St-Jean”!! We went down with a bunch of friends and stayed there for the three days. As usual, we camped at the house near the parking lot wall and had a blast!

We mainly climbed at the Orange Crush Wall, Bonzai, Main Cliff, and the Apocalypse Wall. Even though I have been bouldering more than anything lately, I managed to on-sight all of the easier routes I’ve tried, and I also got on route that are harder for me. They are my two new projects: Bonzai Bulge and Cereal Killer. They are both 5.11c: short and powerful (Reminds you of bouldering… but longer!). I can’t wait to go back. We are aiming at the weekend in two weeks.


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