What do YOU want for Christmas?

I’ve already been asked a couple times what I wanted this year for Christmas and I haven’t had the faintest idea what to answer. It’s the first time that this happens to me I think! Ha ha. I figured, since I have started working, what I need the most is good music. So my list has a LOT of music… and i might add some more in the coming days!


  • Sebastien Roux et Greg Davis: Paquet Surprise
  • Amon Tobin: Supermodified
  • Amon Tobin: Foley Room (w/ DVD)
  • Four Tet: Pause
  • Sufjan Stevens: Enjoy Your Rabbit
  • Sufjan Stevens: Sevenswans
  • Caribou: Andorra
  • Erin McKeown: Distillation
  • Erin McKeown: Monday Morning Cold
  • Erin McKeown: Lafayette
  • Iron and Wine: The Shepherd’s Dog


  • Noam Chomsky – Syntactic Structures


  • FIFA Soccer 08 (45$)
  • Manette de Jeux xbox wireless (65-70$)
  • Call of Duty 4 (50$)
  • Crysis (50$)
  • Myst V: End of Ages, 2005 (?)
  • Space Quest Compilation (20$)
  • Police Quest Compilation (17$)


  • Tripod, a high one… I already have a short one! For example check VELBON CX540 DLX PHOTO/VIDEO TRIPO [about 60$]
  • Business Card Holder (see there for a good example: www.staples.ca) [about 20$]
  • Apple iPod Mini Docking Station (click here for a cheap one on amazon) [about 20$]
    It could also be one that is universal, but you have to make sure that it works with the iPod Mini from 2 years ago… I would prefer one that is universal to new iPods too obviously, in case I get a new one eventually. 🙂
  • Headphones with microphone, for games, voice recognition, chat, etc. (Look on amazon.com for an example) [about 70$]
    I basically want to have some features like noise cancellation in the microphone. I could get away with a cheaper version maybe… i’d really like a good microphone. Maybe a volumen control on the cord too.

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