Apple introduces MacBook Air

During his Macworld Expo keynote address on Tuesday morning, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the MacBook Air, a computer that the company billed as the world’s thinnest notebook — small enough to fit inside an interoffice mailing envelope. It’s priced starting at $1,799 and will be available within two weeks. (Read more)

Bah, not sure I want one. not a first generation one at least. I mean it’s not an iPod people! look at the size of it. the keyboard is probably going to melt within the first month or two that you have it… how can you keep the thing cool when you don’t have enough space to fit a optical drive in the thing? i have a hard time to keep my powerbook G4 cool as it is!

Plus it looks like it would break if I wasn’t too careful… i am not sure that the laptop providers need to keep the smaller the better attitude anymore… i think they hit the perfect thickness with the macbook pro. let’s add some SWEAT features to the computers and stop trying to fit it into my wallet… although that would be kind of cool.

my 2cents.


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