Flight of the Conchords

My cousin lived in New-Zealand for the past 8 years or so and just moved back to Canada this year. He brought back a lot of fun stuff from New-Zealand, and really made us discover the wonderful country that is NZ! But that’s not what I want to discuss here today. As a wedding gift, he gave us the first season of the Flight of the Conchords, which is awesome! I mean, not that we are the only one having it in North America, since it is an HBO show, in fact it looks like we may have been part of the few who *didn’t* know about them… Argg! Anyways, I was delighted to learn that the band will be doing a second season (according to a Kiwi website ha ha!)!

Anyways, the premise of the show is simple: A two-guy band from New-Zealand moves to New-York and tries to make it in the big city! Luckily for them, they quickly find a *great* band manager who works days at the New-Zealand consulate, Murray. The show is incredibly simple and banal. It literally follows those two guys around (not a reality show though, fortunately!) trying to get gigs and getting into all sorts of trouble. The innovation in the show mainly comes from the guys incredibly funny body language, but also mainly from the fact that the two guys will break into song at least once a show to express their feelings on something (funny songs, don’t worry!). Well actually Jemaine and Bret are just plain funny. I laugh just looking at them!

Here is a small excerpt from youtube, hopefully you’ll like it. At that point in the story, they were both invited to a party at Dave’s place (Dave being one of their only American friend in NY) and Jemaine meets this awesome women. You’ll get the idea right away!


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