Tour de Bloc 2008: Barrie Ontario

I believe that it was the first time that a “Tour de Bloc” event was hosted at “Off the Wall” in Barrie, Ontario. As we expected most of the Quebec’s crew didn’t show up since Barrie is about 7-8 hours drive for those folks, but that didn’t stop the competition from being top notch and loaded with hard climbers (Bonnie, Erin, Noah, Tony, etc). Enough rambling, here’s Bonnie on her third (and last) attempt at problem #1. As always, Bonnie climbed with confidence and lots of power. I think her experience always helps her in the finals because she never ends up wasting energy on the “wrong way up”.

By the way, you can get the whole set of our youtube videos (we’ve got some from Australia’s trip too) by visiting our profile ! We’ll try and keep you posted through the website of any updates made to youtube though. Enjoy:


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