Tour de Bloc 2008: Ottawa, Ontario

Bonnie on problem #4Once again, Coyote Rock Gym raised the bar for the other gyms and provided us with an amazing competition. They really are the veterans of comps in the Eastern region of the “Tour de Bloc”. What makes this competition so good is not only Jody’s devotion (not to mention all the setters and volunteers) to top quality problems, but also the location of the gym, which makes it easily accessible for climbers from both provinces. The field is becoming stronger and it’s really good to so many good boulderers make it to a non-regional competition. As usual, the finals were really close and only one or two holds separated the finalists in the end. I must, however, give some props to Yves and Katerine who upped their game and clearly deserved to win the competition.

Without further ado, here are the results from Saturday’s finals. If you are looking for the full results, you should visit the gripped forum.
Bonnie on problem #1Women’s Finals:

  1. Katerine Martin
  2. Melissa Lacasse
  3. Eva Pepin-Helie
  4. Kerry Briggs
  5. Bonnie de Bruijn (Photos)
  6. Erin Ford

Men’s Finals:

  1. Yves Gravelle
  2. Jo Audy
  3. Ayo Sopeju
  4. Sebastien Gardner
  5. Dustin Curtis
  6. Sebastien Lazure
  7. Mark Stirling
  8. Dave Voltan
  9. Noah Zielinski

If you are curious, the photos of Bonnie on problem #1 and #4 were taken by Frank Lebeau. Here are a couple of links in case you are interested in seeing more from Frank. He’s a great photographer, he even took photos for our wedding last summer!


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