Google’s Earth Hour 2008

So I first planned on taking pictures of Toronto’s earth hour, and somehow I forgot to. Well, actually, I started by taking a video, which didn’t turn out very nicely, and kind of forgot to take a photo of the skyline in the end. It would have been cool to show the “before” and “after” shots, kind of like the ones I’ve seen on the blog of I have to say that we didn’t notice a huge difference between the “on/off” states of the city. I mean, we could spot some building that had turned off their lights completely, for example Bank of Montreal was completely out, which is probably the second biggest/tallest building downtown Toronto! I would give Toronto’s Earth Hour a 6 out of 10 probably. Curious to know how well other cities have done.

As for us, I am happy to report that we did turn off all our lights and most of our electronics in the house for the whole hour. However, I must admit that at one point I did cheat and turn on my laptop (using the battery only!) to check something online (okay… my router was using electicity in I guess…), which made me discover just how cool and fun the people at Google are. Check out there version of the earth hour:

Google's earth hour


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