Climber’s Rock

One week away from the second event of Eastern leg of the Tour de Bloc 2008/2009 season, we decided to go and pay a visit to the brand new climbing facility in Burlington, Ontario. I was told that the angles were phenomenal, and that the space was just incredible. I had to see it for myself. And before the competition day if possible.

Well, after about 14 weeks of hard work, the Climber’s Rock isn’t just open for business, it’s ready for one of the most promising competition the tour has seen in a long while! I was personally very impressed with the size of the bouldering wall, the angles, the quantity of holds and problems, and most of all, the space! The potential of this place is just incredible.

If you have the chance to go check it out before the competition, I strongly suggest you do so. Only two things to report about this gym. The holds are brand new and so it is pretty much like climbing outside in the sense that you will look a lot of skin… also, there were a lot of spinner holds. Adding to the fact that there are not many mats for protection, you should *ALWAYS* spot your partner until he/she has topped out completely. Yes, you read this correctly. Top outs. Lots of them. Go see for yourself: Alright, I said enough, see you next week.

Oh, one last thing, for those of you coming via go transit, the station is directly across the road. It’s Appleby station, not Burlington. Again, Appleby station.


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