Top 10 Viewed Posts in 2008

I just read the Top Viewed Posts of 2008 from and thought it was fun to log that information so I can compare in the future. You may notice that my top 10 is slightly different as it refers to the “Viewed Posts in 2008” not “of 2008”. I say that because some of the most viewed posts in 2008 were actually posted in 2006, but anyways. Interestingly enough, one of the most viewed post here is a comment on an article that was also published on regarding the big fire that happened on Queen Street not too far from our condo. I pretty much knew the result as I’ve been following the traffic of the site pretty closely, but some of the results actually did surprise me (I included the percentage of the pageviews for the whole year as well). I was actually surprise to see some of my more recent posts in the top 10.

  1. My Second Interview With Accenture (30%)
  2. My First Interview For Accenture (12%)
  3. Phone Interview With Nuance (3%)
  4. Tour de Bloc 2008: Ottawa, Ontario (3%)
  5. Interviewing at Microsoft: My Adventure to Redomond (2.5%)
  6. Preparing for an Interview Presentation (1.5%)
  7. Tour de Bloc 2008: Barrie, Ontario (1.5%)
  8. Robert Ballard, Kemosynthesis and Extreme Enviromnents (1.0%)
  9. A Six Alarm Fire Near Queen and Bathurst (0.6%)
  10. Grep Through Gzip Files vs Tarball Files (0.6%)

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