First impressions of FIFA09

FIFA09 - Ribery of Bayern Munich
I just installed my brand new FIFA09 game for PC yesterday and am already loving it. What makes FIFA09 so cool?

  • Great User Interface. EA has worked a lot on the UI of the game and you can see it right away. The choices in the menus haven’t really changed, and there was no real need for any changes there, but the layout and the design of the menus have changed a lot. There was a big need for a redesign and they did a really good job. Navigating the menus is faster and prettier. Very nicely done!
  • Auto Saving feature will change your life! I mean, no more “Save Game”, “Do you really want to overwrite your previous game”, and then press “continue” to get back to your game. In FIFA08 it was a three step action to save your game. In FIFA09, it is done automatically for you every time you change settings, play a game, etc. Of course, you can turn this feature off if you desire, which is good.
  • Personal Side Widget gives you up-to-date stats on your season (while in manager mode at least) like “best game this season”, distribution of the goals you scored during your season, and where you stand in term of games won, lost, etc.This neat feature is sitting at your sight at all times, making it a lot easier to know where you stand during your season.
  • Better graphics, new physical collision system, and better physics makes the game a lot more realistic and easier to make cool plays. In fact, I feel like it is a little easier to be better at FIFA09 than with the 2008 version of the game because of the better physics. In a way, it makes it easier to predict where the ball will go and how the player will move in certain conditions.

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