A house in Wychwood Park, Toronto

Wychwood 2

I came across this amazing house while browsing my 2008 Autumn issue of International Architecture and Design. This house was designed by Toronto architect Ian McDonald in 2002 and was awarded the 2008 Governor General’s Medals in Architecture. Simply stunning!

Wychwood 1

Comment from the Jury

This house gives the split-level bungalow type a whole new meaning. The strategy seems to erode and intertwine the domestic structure of street frontage, back yard and neighbouring setbacks within the modest volume of a vintage bungalow, where spaces are brilliantly mined from the site rather than added to the structure. The result is a sequence of compact indoor and outdoor “rooms” that unexpectedly unravel into exquisite grand moments of expansion.

Wychwood 3


3 thoughts on “A house in Wychwood Park, Toronto

  1. Ahh, Wychwood Park. I once ended up getting lost and driving into it. So strange to see such a natural area in the middle of Toronto. Beautiful.

  2. My great grandfather,Alec Jardine,together with his friends George Reid (first Principal of the Ontario College of Art) and Marmaduke Matthews (I have one of his watercolours on my wall with a couple of George Reids’) founded what they hoped to be an ‘artists’ colony,although rhat never happened formally, there were certainly lots of artists around…. Irene Bailey,June Forbes,Ken Forbes,Marshall McLuhan,Joan Murray,and lots lots more. The Matthews’ #6 place was the first to be buuilt,with Alec Jardines’ (Braemore) built in the west part of the park in 1878, and then George Reids’ place,#85, Upland Cottage,(based on a 17th century English design I believe). i lived in Wychwood Park from 1945 to 1972 and would love to move back. Currently, I’m an artist in Muskoka. Michael Woodside (Barton/Jardine)

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