Scintillation, by Xavier Chassaing

SCINTILLATION from Xavier Chassaing on Vimeo.

I am extremely happy (and proud!) to finally see the new film from Xavier. It is entitled scintillation and it is simply stunning. The mix of colors, depth of field, and the perfect synchronization between the images and the music. The choice of music is brilliant (we have the talented fedaden to thank for that!) and the techniques applied to the images are incredibly cool! There are no words to describe the video. Make sure you look at it full size and have a good set of speakers. That’s all I can say. If you like it, spread the word. Here is a quote from Xavier on vimeo:

This is an experimental film made up of over 35,000 photographs. It combines an innovative mix of stop motion and live projection mapping techniques.

Xavier told me that he will work on a small “making of” to explain his technique. I’ve seen previews of his installation and of how he made the video. It was really impressive! All I can say is that I already can’t wait for the next video. I know they take a lot of time, but they are unbelievable! Well done Xavier!


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