Tour de Bloc 2009: Coyote Rock Gym, Ottawa

Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to comment on the wonderful competition Jody’s crew put up at Coyote Rock Gym. There were a ton of problems, 58 in total, and they were all pretty awesome. One thing I really appreciated (thanks to Jody!) was that the setters waited until the female competitor who qualified first started finished climbing problem #2 before they started to roll in the male competitors. I personally think it gives a little more time for the competitor to concentrate and not be bothered by the setters shuffling around with a ladder, etc (I had mentioned that in my post on the comp at Boulderz). Anyways, another amazing competition for the Tour de Bloc. I can’t wait for the regionals at Coyote (Apr, 11, 2009) and the nationals at Allez-Up in Montreal (May 16/17, 2009)! Let’s get ready, it’s gonna be ridiculous!! And now the results:

Results: Women’s Open

  1. Eva Pepin-Helie
  2. Amanda Berezowski
  3. Bonnie de Bruijn
  4. Erin Ford-Zieleniewski
  5. Melissa Lacasse
  6. Eveline Lapierre

Results: Men’s Open

  1. Dustin Curtis
  2. Yves Gravelle
  3. Simon Forget
  4. Sebastien Lazure
  5. Benoit Dubois
  6. Izzy Friedman
  7. Sebastien Gardner
  8. Jeff Beaulieu

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