Big City Broker on HGTV

Brad J. Lamb of 'Big City Broker' on HGTVIf you live in the core of Toronto, chances are, you’ve seen his face on billboards around you or at least his name plastered on some new upcoming condo project. He is the man behind the uber-trendy King West, and the man behind the now very successful Lamb Development real estate group. His name: Brad J. Lamb. His show: Big City Broker.

Yesterday I watched my first episode of the show on HGTV and I was not disappointed. I have to say that we’ve been following the Toronto real estate market a little more closely lately, as we are looking for a new place to move in, and this show painted a really good picture of it. What made it a lot more interesting than any other real estate shows was that it gave you a tour of what really happens on the other side of the table, with a twist of glamour.

Here is what HGTV has to say about their own show:

Explosively compelling and addictive, Big City Broker focuses on the angst and joy, the dramas and intrigue that make up Brad J Lamb’s world of property sales and development. Who knew that buildings could be so sexy?

Well, in any case, you can be sure I’ll be watching (or taping… does anybody still uses that expression?!?) this show next Wednesday (at 8pm).


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