Summer is officially here

Last weekend, I really wasn’t able to get the Electric Light Orchestra’s song Mr. Blue Sky out of my head:

Sun is shinin’ in the sky
There ain’t a cloud in sight
It’s stopped rainin’ ev’rybody’s in a play
And don’t you know
It’s a beautiful new day hey,hey

Since my wife and I got our bikes to get around the city, we’ve found a ton of awesome things to do. Just over the span of the last weekend, we’ve sampled coffee from two of the best coffee shops of Toronto Bulldog and Dark Horse Espresso Bar, we’ve shopped in the amazing furniture shops of King East, walked on the Harbourfront, sat at the beach, and went to a free Blues Festival.

As for the coffee, I want to keep a little tally of the coffee houses I visit in Toronto over the summer. So far, the Bulldog is winning hands down. At both coffee shops we ordered Cappuccinos. The Bulldog had much better coffee (at least the one I had was very good), but was lacking in the nice atmosphere. Whereas the Dark Horse Espresso bar had a really nice atmosphere, but my coffee was not quite as good.

Here’s a quick snapshot we took when chilling at the beaches. There will be more coming over the summer, that’s for sure!

First day at the Toronto Beach


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