Squamish 2009: Day 2

The second day at Squamish was relatively slower than the first one. For me at least. Bonnie had a pretty good day compared to us, but we’ve taken it a little easier. The rain was supposed to come later in the afternoon, but we managed to climb until about 6pm!! We mostly walked around and tried a couple of problems here and there. We found a potential project we should give a try a little later again, it’s a V7 called “Corrupted”, past “Trad Killer” and “Heartbreak Hotel”. Bonnie managed to climb about 4 more problems than I did that day. Incredible!! Here’s a quick peek of the classic problems I did on the second climbing day:

  • Any Rock Will Do, V1
  • Up From The Depth, V2
  • Atlas, V4
  • Anatomy Lesson, V2 (repeat)

As you can see, we’ve taken it a lot easier on that day. We’re now taking two rest days and then going back to Squamish, after the rain.

John coming up from the depths!

Mig trying the move on “Pocket Problem” (V4)… didn’t finish it because that pocket’s way too small! Bonnie did do this problem. The pocket was no problem for her of course! 🙂

The best brush in the world!!

Bonnie working the crux on “Corrupted”. That’ll go for sure!!


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