Squamish 2009: Day 3 and 4

After taking it easy in Victoria for a couple of days (and eating a little too much, thanks to Bonnie’s grand-parents!), we are back in Squamish. We’re still looking for the perfect project to work on next week, so both these days were again relatively chill.

Day 3 in Squamish was really fun. It was a day of working, we looked at “Swank Stretch” (V5) again, and “Baba Hari Dass” (V7). I also tried a dyno near “Corrupted” that was pretty neat, but couldn’t stick it. Adam managed to show us how it’s done. Awesome send! The ticks on that day ended up being:

  • Bo Jo Jones, V3 (Another nemesis from last year!)
  • Palminator, V4

On Day 4, we got on a ton of fun stuff. We really walked around the forest into new areas I hadn’t seen last year: Lipsmack and Mantel Madness. We’ve eyed “Fixing The Car” (V8), which looks awesome, and we also went to see “The Weasel” (V8). Still looking for the perfect problem to obsess over for the next couple of days… I think we might end up working on “Baba Hari Dass” though.

  • Angel On Your Shoulder, V3
  • Paperboy, V2 (A classic!)
  • Crackhead, V3 (Repeat)
  • Hulkster’s Humpfest, V2 (Yet, another nemesis done!)
  • Thighmaster, V4

Mig trying the dyno near “Corrupted”.

Catch that crimp!
John flashing the very cool “Palmanator”!

John on the classic “Paperboy”.

Bonnie warming up on “Black Mark” (V4).


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